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8 Sep

“Ask yourself: ‘Can I give more?’. The answer is usually: ‘Yes’.”
-Paul Tergat, Kenyan professional marathoner

My 6Sole brothas TB, 2S, WIHH

….the Austin Marathon was a success in more ways then one.  First off I finished it, pushed through some mental barriers, and most importantly I did not injure myself.  Because 5 days later I competed in the Triple Threat Throwdown at Milestone Crossfit (Grand Opening), and not only did I compete, I place 2nd overall… not too shabby, right?!  Obviously the competition wasn’t the strongest the area  had to offer, but the fact we had to run, do box jumps, wall balls, dead lift, in and outs, and do so forth.. I was pleased with my overall effort and pain free while doing it!  Next up the Crossfit Open…  The Open started roughly 30 days after the Austin Marathon, not really a whole lot of time to get into “crossfit shape”!   I started following the .com (2-3x a week) more then normal since the Open workouts were going to come from HQ it only made sense… 2x a week I would program my own 45-60 minute long metcon for my Leadville training… After the first week I was in 280th or so place out of the 1000 men in my region.  But as the Open progressed, I slowly climbed back in to contention for top 60.  The highest I climbed was to 78th place, and by the end of the ‘6Week” Open I ended up in the top 100… the goal was top 60 just for shits and giggles, because ultimately I was going to do team regardless of where I finished….  Because of the Open format my training volume increased exponentially!  Instead of the 3-4 workouts a week, I was training 5 days a week, sometimes 6 days a week… heavy on the .Com and my own UndegroundShack/ 6Soles workouts (45+min metcons)…

the next big test was the “Triple Murph”   by the 6Soles courtesy of Crossfit Austin on Saturday, June 4th….  this was suppose to go down without really anybody knowing other then Crossfit Austin, and a few close individuals… well the power of the internet/ especially twitter and a 1000+ people know about it!  The only problem about people knowing about it was that you have to hear a lot of shit that really doesn’t benefit your cause.. “you are crazy” “rhabdo!” “you are going to get hurt!”  “impossible” ” i can’t even do murph once” ” are you sure you should do it?”  ” you have Regional in 2 weeks, is that smart?!”  I could go on, but you get my point…  First off I am not you, so keep your non-positive comments to yourself….  doesn’t the saying your mother use to say go something like this “If you don’t have anything nice to say, you should keep it to yourself”  Well sometimes it’s necessary to voice your opinion, but not when someone is trying to achieve an athletic accomplishment that honestly I don’t believe has ever been achieved in the Crossfit community…. 

So, the Friday before the Triple Murph I went to a buddies house and again had my fair share of drinks, you know… just to make the event that more challenging! haha honestly I think I do stuff like that because it allows me to not think about it, silly I know and definitely not recommended.   Anyhow, Saturday morning rolled around and let’s just say that I was not the most chipper.. All I could think about was get the first Murph started and I will be fine “Sweat this shit out of ME!!”  Funny thing is, I believe the alcohol in my system really powered me through the first Murph, and roughly 38minutes later I was done (20#vest)… quick break, and off I went on to the second Murph (10#vest).  Halfway through the 2nd Murph and I hit a wall, I started cramping and all the alcohol in me had either been sweated out or burned through!  Elliot threw me a Gatorade, I drank half real quick and went right back into the Murph.  The Gatorade was a life saver, it allowed me to finish the the second Murph in 41 minutes.  After a quick break, I started off on the 3rd cycle.  After battling through the cramps on the second cycle, my legs finally broke through the cramps and I felt as fresh as when I started the first.. crazy I know, but it’s one of those barriers that you won’t know how you feel if you don’t break through it… well I did, and I finished the 3rd Murph (no vest)in the same time as the fist cycle.. 38min!    300pullups, 600 pushups, 900 air squats, 6miles, Triple Murph: 2hrs 20minutes!  I real quick shoutout to my 6Sole brotha’s Elliot and Zach, proud of those 2 for pushing through that “impossible task” well only impossible to those who think it is so…. I know 3 people now that have accomplished something considered crazy/ impossible because they stuck it out and relied on each other no matter how long it was going to take!  Another mental success, and oh yeah NO INJURIES!!  Stronger body and a much STRONGER MIND for achieving a goal that was considered impossible.. 


…..To be continued

celebratory beer TB, 2S, WIHH

this is one of my favorite running videos, enjoy (listen closely to the announcer)!!


1 Sep

“What kind of crazy nut would spend two or three hours a day just running?”
(This is how Steve Prefontaine reacted in Junior High when he saw the High School Cross country team running)

….Because of my silliness, the Town Lake 52miler set me back a month!  I couldn’t even attempt a box jump for 2 months… my deadlift PR went from 425#, back down to 385#… neurologically my system  was so f#cked that nothing was firing!  I really couldn’t jump higher then 12″!!   Very frustrating to say the least but you know what I still had the desire to do a 100mile run, but this time I would train accordingly for it!!  This is where the 6Soles idea was birthed!  What better way to train for something then having a purpose and some homeboys to train with!  Accountability!  So on a cool wet day in December of last year…  you remember when it was cool and wet right?!  The 6Soles had our first meeting.  Zach Hughes aka 2Socs, Elliot Schrock aka Thunderbeast, and me WindInHisHair, and my boy Stone laid it out there and committed to each other our plan to take on the Leadville100 the following August.  Below is our first workout as the 6Soles, it occurred on 1/20/11…. this was the first time I was really able to start running again since my Ultra in November….



3 Rounds @ 75#
– Power Snatch x10
– OHS x10
– Front Squat x10
– Back Squat x10
– Toe to Bar x10
– Burpees x10

ONE Thunderbird Loop Run (1.5miles)

3 Rounds @ 75#
– Burpees x 5
– Toe to Bar x 5
– Back Squat x 5
– Front Squat x 5
– OHS x 5
– Power Snatch x 5

ROW 10 minutes

hahaha 1.5 miles was all I ran, I did row for 10 minutes…. which has to count for something right?!  Up next the Austin Marathon… to do or not to do?!  To be continued……

The only tactics I admire are do-or-die
-Herb Elliott


18 Aug

today I leave for Leadville Colorado with my 6Sole brotha’s!  This coming Saturday we will take on one of, if not the toughest 100mile run in the world!  Just writing that gets me emotionally fired up!!  Words can’t express the emotions I’m feeling right now…  I want to thank you  all for the support we have received throughout our training as well as the last 48hours, all the well wishers has been overwhelming!  So Thank You from the bottom through the top of my heart… I will think about each and everyone of you as I run!  BAM goes the RAM!

this is how I envision the finish line!

So guys if you want to know how we are doing during the run follow @The6Soles as wells as @kriskepler on twitter for live updates on our status

enough sappy shizzzzz! here you go!

6 Soles

20 Jan

…Today was the kick-off workout for the tribe that calls themselves 6 Soles. It’s funny I mentioned starting a “urban running tribe” this past December, and well it took a little longer then expected, with a different mission, but nonetheless it has been birthed! With Indian names to boot… Thunderbeast+TwoSocks+WindInHisHair= 6 Soles. I will get into more detail on what 6 Soles is all about once we have our website complete, and how you can take part in what we are doing! I will leave you with one word for now= SELFLESS.


We are formed and molded by our thoughts. Those whose minds are shaped by selfless thoughts give joy when they speak or act. Joy follows them like a shadow that never leaves them.



6 Soles

3 Rounds @ 75#

Power Snatch x10
OHS x10
Front Squat x10
Back Squat x10
Toe to Bar x10
Burpees x10 

After you complete the 3rd Round you run ONE Thunderbird Loop (1.5miles), then you go right back into the wod in reverse order…

3Rounds @75#

Burpees x5
Toe to Bar x5
Back Squat x5
Front Squat x5
OHS x5
Power Snatch x5

Then to finish up the wod you will ROW for 10Minutes

Zac’s Invasion

21 Jul

I have decided not to talk about the games.  My wife did really well, and I’m extremely proud of her.  As for 2011, World Domination!

This is just silly…. Anonymous


Row 1,000 meters (to get to the land we are about to conquer)

Run 800 meters (charging into battle)

20 Thrusters @ 95# (to throw our opponents out of our way

40 Burpees  (to dodge the arrows flying at us)

60 Pull Ups (to climb the castle walls)

80 Double Unders (to hope over the dead)

100 Power Cleans @ 95# (just for the hell of it )

the song of the weekend!