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Who Dat #2

18 Jun

The next person who I admire and flat out get inspired by is Carl Edwards, do you know the man?  Carl is one of the main reasons I wanted to do a blog series on people in my life that motivate me, but Webster Smith beat me to the punch.   So not too let Carl get too big of a head,I just moved his blog entry to the last one if the series that I am doing for now.   If you don’t know Carl’s story, take a second and read what Webster Smith had to say last week, a good thing for Webster writing it too…me and words don’t normally get a long…

“Carl Edwards came to mind. A 30 year old Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, CrossFit and surfing enthusiast, he was a 50% owner of a business in one of CrossFit’s fastest growing markets. He sold his stake in his Houston CrossFit affiliate, kissed his family goodbye, and with nothing more than a rented room and a white road bike, he began his tenure as an assistant coach at CrossFit Central. Upon seeing Carl at the gym, I smiled and shook his hand. We’ve known each other long enough to have an appreciation for one other’s company and I was happy that he made the decision that would make him happiest. Behind that hug and smile of mine was a more honest and paradoxical assessment. My mind kept saying “this guy is nuts…what was he thinking?” But as we all know, the heart and the brain are often contradictory when it comes to passion. And “passion can trump logic.” It reminded me of where I was just a year ago…. I thought back to the beginning of the final two minutes. After I caught my breath and regained the feeling in my arms, I thought about Carl once more. Like many others in the community, we were all once the crazy ones. Carl displayed the moxie to do what he loved rather than settling for what was safe. Being around so many of these people, at one time, is the CrossFit experience.”

My relationship with Carl began at the Sectionals this past March.  Justin Stidham, Carl’s business partner was my judge on my 2nd event as well as volunteering and assisting with the Sectional.  I was introduced to Carl when the event was over, and the first thing that went through my mind was “Great… look at this beast, I must lift heavier and train harder, if cats that look like this are getting into Crossfit!”   Little did I know Carl and I would become friends on Facebook a week later, and basically on-line training partners shortly after that… I still remember it clearly, one of the first emails I received from Carl went like this..  “Kris, Hey brotha we have been trying to keep our workouts intense and we love the vibe that you guys bring with your training. Got any ideas for us?   My short answer was this…I guess you need to come around more and get in on some workouts!  Then Carl drops the bomb on me as…”Kris, I think I want to move to Austin…how does Central go about hiring?”  I was like what, huh, don’t you own a facility, aren’t you the boss?  I know this post is getting long, but basically what Carl did to become a part of Crossfit Central 98% of the people in this world would be scared shitless to do!  We only live this life once.. that we know of, are you doing what you love?!  I know Carl Edwards is!  Watch out for this cat at next years Sectional, it will be silly the way he manhandles the workouts!

Enjoy Your weekend, I know I will!