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Legend in The Making

12 Apr

well it’s that time of year again…. the time of year when I realize my babies are not going to stay babies forever.  My main homeboy, the manchild, the myth, the legend in the making turns the BIG 4 today!  My wife is my soul mate, may daughter is my soul, but  my son is my homeboy.  the one  you will go to the mat for, even when they are doing wrong you still have their back.  like my boy Lance Cantu likes to say “I got yo Six”:  which means I will always have his back no matter what.   Stone is creating his Personal Legend (reference to The Alchemist) right now, and can’t express how excited it makes me to see him grow….. “So be sure when you step, Step with care and great tact. And remember that life’s A Great Balancing Act. And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and ¾ percent guaranteed) Kid, you’ll move mountains.”  ― Dr. Seuss,


16 Feb

…….this is mine!


you probably wondering what the hell is he talking about now… let me explain real quick like.  anything in your past that produced a result you didn’t like or a situation you put yourself in that wasn’t positive, make it so VIVID in you mind, produce the feelings you produced when the event happened AND THEN ANCHOR THAT BITCH, that way you don’t let it happen again!   If you anchor that event accordingly, the next time you are in a position to mess up or whatever it may be you will mentally find that ANCHOR, and if it is been anchored enough you will know better then to fuck up again.  Not all anchors have to be from a “bad/ life or death situation”.  One of mine is dealing with General Contractors (builders, landscapers, etc…).  I used to be in the business and it really ate at me.  I am a certain way when it comes to building, landscaping, being on time for meetings, following through… and most contractors don’t operate like me.  Not to get into the details but I am dealing with a complete moron right now for a buddy of mine, and that anchor I set 3 yrs ago took a minute to surface up but now it has  and now that moron is off the job before it even started!  

A quick Crossfit update:  The Open is a week away, training has never been better!  I did have a hiccup yesterday during a  workout and during it I got somewhat down on myself… but a few hours later, after my jets cooled and I was able to reflect on the workout It was as bad as I made out to be.  It also showed me some kinks in my armor so to speak.  Just the other day I weighed myself, 195#(10#s heavier then last yr at this time) and 5.8%bf!!  pretty stoked about those “personal numbers”, but those don’t equate it Crossfit numbers!  Now that I’m heavier, body weight movements have suffered a bit, which became evident in my wod yesterday…


600m Run, 5-185# squat cleans, 5 muscle ups with 2 additional dips at the top….

I was cruising through this wod until the last rd, last f’ng dip!  On my 5th muscle up, I would get the mu plus the first dip but I would fail on getting a lockout on the 2nd dip.  I failed the 2nd dip at least 5x, probably more (stopped counting)!!!  Finally 7minutes later I got it, workout over ….. pissed as hell.  But later in the day, as I reflected on the wod, I thought about the positives:  I didn’t fail on any of the muscles ups, plus all the extra dips I did will benefit me later, and besides it was just a training workout and not a competition. 

Anyhow, enough venting from me, happy training and if you are doing the Crossfit Open.. like my boy Lance Cantu likes to say PULL THE TRIGGER, it’s GO TIME!!


2 Feb

I have many

….what are my GOATS in Crossfit?!

  1. Heavy Jerk… hell jerk in general!

  2. Heavy Snatch

  3. Heavy Back Squat

  4. Heavy Dead Lift

  5. Pistols are poor, I can do them but they are slowwwww.

  6. Strict HSPU/ Ring HSPU

  7. Prowler pushes

  8. oh and the biggest one, flexibility!!

this is just to name a few, I know it all begins with my flexibility.  I have never taken the time stretch…. until now.  I’m no yogi, but I am taking the time before workouts after workouts, on days I am not working out to mobilize for a bit.  So next time you see me ask me how my GOATS are!

2008 Games getting my ass handed to me on the last wod….

I look at this pic often to gain motivation.  I do not like to DNF in anything.  When this workout popped up, I had never attempted to put 155# over my head, and to top it off I had to do it 30x w/ a 15min cap!!  I ended up with 28 reps, with 4 no reps (no lockout)…. I was crushed!  This workout left such a sour taste in my mouth that I redid it 6weeks after the games and finished it under 8minutes (roughly 5minutes now)… Was once a GOAT is no longer, time to kill the rest of the GOATS!

The Fittest Games

19 Jan


….are 2 days away.  It has a been 3years since the last time I competed in the Fittest Games, so to say I’m excited to compete would be an understatement.  Training has been outstanding, I have improved in a lot of areas, but I have seen some decline in others.  Which is what training is all about, as well as doing competitions… to see where you are at, what you need to improve on, etc..  The most exciting part about my training is that I still have roughly 4-5 weeks before the Open!  Last year at this time I had just started Crossfitting again.  I ran an Ultra in November, and had to take 2 months off to recover.  With not being sure I even wanted to do the Open put me in a really big hole after the first week (260th or so place after the first workout).  That SHIT is not going to happen this year.  If I start off 260th+ place after the first week of the Open it’s not going to be the fact I wasn’t ready I can promise you that… 

saw this cat in concert Monday night… Outstanding TIME!

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Move… move…move… move… move….

11 Jan

and move some more.  It’s amazing the inner conflict I battle every time I workout.  Sometime it’s really loud in my head, sometimes I can barely hear it… but once I give it attention it’s a bitch to get it to shut the f*ck up!  Today for example, we had to finish off the tryout number 3 with a 5k… no sweat right?!  I’m the runner of the group so I should be ok… well I haven’t run farther then 2 miles at a time since August when I ran Leadville.  So today I hadn’t even made it 1200m’s and I was already having to deal with the little voice in my head… The next 1.5 miles was a constant battering back in forth in my head that went like this.. “this is fast enough, … slow down a little… SPEED UP!…. slow down.. you are sitting in 4th no need to go any faster… and finally SPEED UP”  which I did for the last 1200m’s gagging and spitting as I went.  my time was 21:20, the fastest time was by Elliot which was 19:47.  I should be right there with E who probably could have went faster himself if I was with him pushing him, but honestly I have NO EXCUSES… To put things in perspective, my fastest 5k is 18min, so when I say I can go faster, that really means that I CAN GO FASTER!   But I will say this, for the last 3 days of tryouts at CrossfitCentral, I have improved each day and will continue to do so…

I am and I will, …. Be prepared for the Crossfit Open this year.

Wake Up Call!

23 Nov

…..this just happened to me.

The Greatest Glory in living lies not in never failing, but in rising every time we fail… Nelson Mandela

I’m not going to get into the details of my recent trial and tribulations other then this… When I succeed, it’s huge, when I fail it’s just as huge!  The Nelson Mandela quote was sent to me by a special person, and I thank them very much for it, and will be giving them a huge hug the next time I see them.  The point is, to live an OUTSTANDING LIFE, I have to make only a few changes in it… that’s all, just a few changes!  In the past, I have been up to the challenge for only a short period of time… what makes this time any different?  Because it’s no longer a WANT, it’s a MUST!  #BigThingsPoppin


9 Nov

… leaving the last aid station it was 6am, that is 26hours after I started.  I had 13.5 miles left and 4hrs to do it.  Should be easy right?!  To backtrack a little bit, it took me 2hrs and 20minutes to run it the first time, so I should be able to walk it in 4hrs was my mindset.  I was rejuvenated to say the least.  I had made the final cutoff, with one leg to go, plenty of time left.. all positives, but physically I was falling a part.  I couldn’t run anymore, and walking was now starting to hurt.. 

I could tell Carlos was getting antsy again… we came this far and I know how bad he wanted me to finish and we had no guarantees that I would make the time limit, especially at the pace I was moving at.  Out of all the legs, this was probably the most zoned out I had been.. I had a hard time focusing, even though I was so close to my goal yet it seemed so far away… the last 13.5 miles seemed to take forever!  About the midway part of the leg I heard my name called…”Kris, Kris,..Kris!”  all with laughing, as I turn to my left to see where it was coming from and low and behold was BIG CHRIS (for those that missed the blog about him, he had finished the first 6 Leadville runs he had attempted, this would be number 7)!!  My first “single serving friend” that I attached to.  Big Chris had to stop the run around mile 36 or so because of  severe stomach pains, but because of the comradery that runs through the running community (just like crossfit) he went back to the trail to cheer on his fellow competitors.  SO for a quick second I stopped and gave him a big hug and all Big Chris said was “You are going to make it man.. don’t quit!”  That right there was huge for me!  And to be quite honest with you, it was through divine intervention that Big Chris would be standing there all by himself and for me to see him at mile 96, right when I needed him most!  So with 4 miles to go I had one last descent, and then the final 2.5 miles was a steady incline…  The crazy thing about running at night and then hitting the same trail in daylight is that nothing looks the same.. perception is all f*cked because you can’t relate certain spots with distance.  So the closer we got to the finish the farther it seemed we had to go.. with 2miles to go I finally, sort of cracked.. just a little..  We had 45minutes left to make the cutoff, with 2 miles to go but one HELL of a HILL to climb!  Carlos turned and looked at me and all he said was “Kris.. we have to move faster or we might not make it..”  and for the first time I snapped back.. ” I am moving as fast as I can f*cking go!”  Like a Pro that Los is, he took it all in stride and we actually upped the pace a little.  Just thinking about it, makes me laugh now.

FINALLY… we reach the top of the hill and down towards the bottom was the FINISH!  The streets lined with people cheering, other runners finishing.. all beaming about the experience… “I can’t believe I did it!” was what I heard most.. With about 100meters to go I turned to Carlos and thanked him for everything, gave him a hug.. and at this point the last 29 hours and 39 minutes was played back through my mind and I can feel my emotions start to build up.  As I crossed the finish line with might I add a slight jog I was greeted by the race director who gave me a big hug and placed my medal on me and the  main himself who started the Leadville race series Kenneth Chlouber gave me a huge hug.. he told me how proud he was of me and was rooting for me to finish.. ( we crossed paths a few times on the trail).  And just like that I was a Leadville 100 finisher on my first try!  To top it all off the rest of the 6Soles crew was there at the finish and I got to go and hug and celebrate with everyone.  A huge thank you to Zac, Nicole, Elliot, Lindsay, and my boy Rhys for braving the last 18 hours as my support team.  I couldn’t have done it without you and that is no lie!  So after celebrating for a minute I had to go and do my final weigh in… and then WHAM!!!

All the adrenaline, all the emotions that had carried me for the last 29+hours left me in an instance!  I all of sudden felt this overwhelming feeling of loneliness.  I laid down by a tree outside the medical tent and started crying uncontrollably…  The people I wanted there most were not there, and it felt like bitter sweet success.. I will admit it, Yes I do the crazy shit that I do for myself.. to prove to myself I can do it, but just a little is for the people around me that I want to prove something to…  After losing my shit for a minute, I go it together just about the time Rhys found me.  He helped me up, and we went to go meet the rest of the crew to eat.  After sitting in the diner for about 20 minutes just poking at my food I told the guys .. “someone help me to the car, I just want to go to sleep”.  And so my boy Elliot did just that.  E helped me to front of the diner, then went and grabbed the car because at this point walking wasn’t an option…  next, he scooped me up and loaded me up like some crippled individual I had become, and like that I was asleep.  My Leadville run that had started a little over 30 hours ago had come to an end…  I DID IT.