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12 Aug

my roots run deep as does my soul

There is one thing one has to have: either a soul that is cheerful by nature, or a soul made cheerful by work, love, art, and knowledge.

Friedrich Nietzsche

the following quote by Nietzsche resonates in me…  when I stop trying to improve myself I screw up, and it feels like I take a step back in my journey.  This life we are living is made up of moments.  Not days, weeks, years… MOMENTS!  Live in the moment, be aware of the moment, enjoy the moment, learn in the moment, it’s as simple as that.


Active Recovery of your choice, as well as take the time to read something positive for at least an hour.

I will be attending the Crossfit Football Certification at Crossfit Central this weekend.  I’m looking forward to all the new tools I will learn and get to pass on to you guys via the OPERA.  Enjoy your weekend and anticipate some new movements come Monday.  Peace.