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16 Feb

…….this is mine!


you probably wondering what the hell is he talking about now… let me explain real quick like.  anything in your past that produced a result you didn’t like or a situation you put yourself in that wasn’t positive, make it so VIVID in you mind, produce the feelings you produced when the event happened AND THEN ANCHOR THAT BITCH, that way you don’t let it happen again!   If you anchor that event accordingly, the next time you are in a position to mess up or whatever it may be you will mentally find that ANCHOR, and if it is been anchored enough you will know better then to fuck up again.  Not all anchors have to be from a “bad/ life or death situation”.  One of mine is dealing with General Contractors (builders, landscapers, etc…).  I used to be in the business and it really ate at me.  I am a certain way when it comes to building, landscaping, being on time for meetings, following through… and most contractors don’t operate like me.  Not to get into the details but I am dealing with a complete moron right now for a buddy of mine, and that anchor I set 3 yrs ago took a minute to surface up but now it has  and now that moron is off the job before it even started!  

A quick Crossfit update:  The Open is a week away, training has never been better!  I did have a hiccup yesterday during a  workout and during it I got somewhat down on myself… but a few hours later, after my jets cooled and I was able to reflect on the workout It was as bad as I made out to be.  It also showed me some kinks in my armor so to speak.  Just the other day I weighed myself, 195#(10#s heavier then last yr at this time) and 5.8%bf!!  pretty stoked about those “personal numbers”, but those don’t equate it Crossfit numbers!  Now that I’m heavier, body weight movements have suffered a bit, which became evident in my wod yesterday…


600m Run, 5-185# squat cleans, 5 muscle ups with 2 additional dips at the top….

I was cruising through this wod until the last rd, last f’ng dip!  On my 5th muscle up, I would get the mu plus the first dip but I would fail on getting a lockout on the 2nd dip.  I failed the 2nd dip at least 5x, probably more (stopped counting)!!!  Finally 7minutes later I got it, workout over ….. pissed as hell.  But later in the day, as I reflected on the wod, I thought about the positives:  I didn’t fail on any of the muscles ups, plus all the extra dips I did will benefit me later, and besides it was just a training workout and not a competition. 

Anyhow, enough venting from me, happy training and if you are doing the Crossfit Open.. like my boy Lance Cantu likes to say PULL THE TRIGGER, it’s GO TIME!!

Live Laugh Love

8 Jul

this is how we should live…. yet I don’t know that many people that actually do.  I understand that their is a time and place to be “serious”, but hell, you should have very few of those moments… and what is being “serious” even look like?!  I have my moments where I get caught up in all the garbage that doesn’t make me who I am….  SO I take a step back and laugh(sometimes yell) and get back to having fun…  But Do you know who is the one that reminds me the most to chill because that is suppose to be my reputation.. the chill one…


In the love of sports I truly wish the ones who deserved the media actually got the attention they deserved…  who knows your Sport might be bigger because of it!

I love you babe.. nothing means more to me then you regardless of my actions…

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The Man, The Myth, The Legend

15 Jun

I got yo’ six homeboy!

I come in peace, I didn’t bring artillery.  But I am pleading with you with tears in my eyes:  If you f#ck with me, I’ll kill you all.

Marine General James Mattis, to Iraqi tribal leaders

Without a doubt, Roland LANCE Cantu is a one of kind friend.  I have had the privilege of knowing Lance for as long as I have known Jeremy, 13+ years!  But because Lance is the type of person he is it’s hard to contain him in one place for too long.  Out of High School Lance joined the Marines, serving multiple tours in Iraq as well as being his teams leader.  That is what Lance is, a born leader!  Whether it’s playing Qb for the football team, leading soldiers in to war, leading the pack in a Crossfit workout, or going downtown to get in some trouble…. Lance will ALWAYS be up in the front.  When we finally got Lance out of the Marines he moved to Austin to be apart of Crossfit Central for roughly 2 years, and what a exciting, and memorable 2 years it was…then the itch came back and Lance was gone.  I got to see Lance when we were at the Underground Strength Certification up in Dirty Jersey a few months back and it was only for a couple of hours but to be honest it was like he had been with us the entire time..didn’t miss a beat.  But….just like that, the morning came and Lance was gone.  So if you ever get the chance to meet Lance and hang out with him for a bit, take advantage of it because you won’t regret it…oh, and wear a seat belt, because you never know what the night has in store for you!


15 Muscle Ups

10 HSPU (kipping allowed)

3 Rounds Of the Bear Complex w/ 115#

10 HSPU (kipping allowed)

15 Muscle Ups

Thunderbird Loop x 2 (3 miles)

The workout must be done in the order it is listed

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every time I hear this song I think of JT and Lance acting a fool, brings a smile to my face…..