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No Such Thing As Bad Weather

29 Sep

….it’s all in your mind!

I love the change of seasons!  Summertime will always be my favorite time of year but I love when fall shows up and cool things off.  Then a nice winter brings a new feel to whatever it is you do, and before you know it, Spring is here and it seems as though every thing is glowing.

No such thing as bad weather!

Starting today until my run on October 30th, I will be doing a crash course of workouts, running, and trigger point therapy.  I will also be fine tuning my nutrition.  The workouts will be unconventional, not counting my reps, not keeping a timer…  just listening to my body.  As for the nutrition part I will limit the amount of cheat meals I do, shouldn’t be too hard.   The closer the race gets the more excited I get….  The great thing about training is that you can do whatever it is you want, DO NOT limit yourself!  Do it all!  Like the famous Nike slogan…  JUST DO IT, whatever IT may be, JUST DO!  Peace and Love.