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24 Jan

The Fittest Games 2012


“When you win, say nothing, when you lose, say less.”- Paul Brown



The Fittest Games

19 Jan


….are 2 days away.  It has a been 3years since the last time I competed in the Fittest Games, so to say I’m excited to compete would be an understatement.  Training has been outstanding, I have improved in a lot of areas, but I have seen some decline in others.  Which is what training is all about, as well as doing competitions… to see where you are at, what you need to improve on, etc..  The most exciting part about my training is that I still have roughly 4-5 weeks before the Open!  Last year at this time I had just started Crossfitting again.  I ran an Ultra in November, and had to take 2 months off to recover.  With not being sure I even wanted to do the Open put me in a really big hole after the first week (260th or so place after the first workout).  That SHIT is not going to happen this year.  If I start off 260th+ place after the first week of the Open it’s not going to be the fact I wasn’t ready I can promise you that… 

saw this cat in concert Monday night… Outstanding TIME!

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UndergroundShack Training

14 Oct

…so it has been a little while since the Shack was posting wods, but now with the kiddos in school the time has come to recommit to the Shack… I am looking to train individuals to small groups of 3 – 4 at the Shack.  My training is a hybrid of Underground Strength, Crossfit Football, Crossfit, and the occasional Shack Endurance.  The Shack Endurance is not for the timid.  This style of training is not only physically draining but mentally draining as well.  If you are interested in training, email me and I will give the details on when the Shack is open!  kris_p_kepler@yahoo.com


8 Sep

“Ask yourself: ‘Can I give more?’. The answer is usually: ‘Yes’.”
-Paul Tergat, Kenyan professional marathoner

My 6Sole brothas TB, 2S, WIHH

….the Austin Marathon was a success in more ways then one.  First off I finished it, pushed through some mental barriers, and most importantly I did not injure myself.  Because 5 days later I competed in the Triple Threat Throwdown at Milestone Crossfit (Grand Opening), and not only did I compete, I place 2nd overall… not too shabby, right?!  Obviously the competition wasn’t the strongest the area  had to offer, but the fact we had to run, do box jumps, wall balls, dead lift, in and outs, and do so forth.. I was pleased with my overall effort and pain free while doing it!  Next up the Crossfit Open…  The Open started roughly 30 days after the Austin Marathon, not really a whole lot of time to get into “crossfit shape”!   I started following the .com (2-3x a week) more then normal since the Open workouts were going to come from HQ it only made sense… 2x a week I would program my own 45-60 minute long metcon for my Leadville training… After the first week I was in 280th or so place out of the 1000 men in my region.  But as the Open progressed, I slowly climbed back in to contention for top 60.  The highest I climbed was to 78th place, and by the end of the ‘6Week” Open I ended up in the top 100… the goal was top 60 just for shits and giggles, because ultimately I was going to do team regardless of where I finished….  Because of the Open format my training volume increased exponentially!  Instead of the 3-4 workouts a week, I was training 5 days a week, sometimes 6 days a week… heavy on the .Com and my own UndegroundShack/ 6Soles workouts (45+min metcons)…

the next big test was the “Triple Murph”   by the 6Soles courtesy of Crossfit Austin on Saturday, June 4th….  this was suppose to go down without really anybody knowing other then Crossfit Austin, and a few close individuals… well the power of the internet/ especially twitter and a 1000+ people know about it!  The only problem about people knowing about it was that you have to hear a lot of shit that really doesn’t benefit your cause.. “you are crazy” “rhabdo!” “you are going to get hurt!”  “impossible” ” i can’t even do murph once” ” are you sure you should do it?”  ” you have Regional in 2 weeks, is that smart?!”  I could go on, but you get my point…  First off I am not you, so keep your non-positive comments to yourself….  doesn’t the saying your mother use to say go something like this “If you don’t have anything nice to say, you should keep it to yourself”  Well sometimes it’s necessary to voice your opinion, but not when someone is trying to achieve an athletic accomplishment that honestly I don’t believe has ever been achieved in the Crossfit community…. 

So, the Friday before the Triple Murph I went to a buddies house and again had my fair share of drinks, you know… just to make the event that more challenging! haha honestly I think I do stuff like that because it allows me to not think about it, silly I know and definitely not recommended.   Anyhow, Saturday morning rolled around and let’s just say that I was not the most chipper.. All I could think about was get the first Murph started and I will be fine “Sweat this shit out of ME!!”  Funny thing is, I believe the alcohol in my system really powered me through the first Murph, and roughly 38minutes later I was done (20#vest)… quick break, and off I went on to the second Murph (10#vest).  Halfway through the 2nd Murph and I hit a wall, I started cramping and all the alcohol in me had either been sweated out or burned through!  Elliot threw me a Gatorade, I drank half real quick and went right back into the Murph.  The Gatorade was a life saver, it allowed me to finish the the second Murph in 41 minutes.  After a quick break, I started off on the 3rd cycle.  After battling through the cramps on the second cycle, my legs finally broke through the cramps and I felt as fresh as when I started the first.. crazy I know, but it’s one of those barriers that you won’t know how you feel if you don’t break through it… well I did, and I finished the 3rd Murph (no vest)in the same time as the fist cycle.. 38min!    300pullups, 600 pushups, 900 air squats, 6miles, Triple Murph: 2hrs 20minutes!  I real quick shoutout to my 6Sole brotha’s Elliot and Zach, proud of those 2 for pushing through that “impossible task” well only impossible to those who think it is so…. I know 3 people now that have accomplished something considered crazy/ impossible because they stuck it out and relied on each other no matter how long it was going to take!  Another mental success, and oh yeah NO INJURIES!!  Stronger body and a much STRONGER MIND for achieving a goal that was considered impossible.. 


…..To be continued

celebratory beer TB, 2S, WIHH

this is one of my favorite running videos, enjoy (listen closely to the announcer)!!

Peoples Champion

30 Jun

Peoples Champion

I coined (borrowed) that phrase for Carey awhile back for one reason only…. through thick and thin, people love to watch her compete.  They almost expect her to kill it every time she steps out in the “arena”.  That is a lot of pressure to have on your shoulders, but through it all the Peoples Champion has almost always risen to the occasion… Even when she doesn’t come in first, she still does better then most athletes could hope for!  The great thing about this year that most people don’t realize is that Carey is healthy, she won’t admit it, but last year she had more nicks and injuries then she would talk about!  And since I know her better then most, I could see during the Crossfit games last year that wasn’t Carey out there.. it was an athlete trying to hold it together as best as she could even th0ugh her body had  stopped working!  And she still  made it to the last day of the games and finished 16th in THE WORLD! 

July 29th-31 2011 Crossfit Games will be in full effect, and Carey Kepler aka The Peoples Champion will be ready to finally show the world what she is really made of!   So buy a camera, extra memory card, some snacks, a few frosty beverages because you are going to be a part of the EXPERIENCE!  if you watching at home record that shit!  peace

BAM goes the RAM!

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My Crossfit 2011 Season is OVER

23 Jun

and  just like that it’s over…  A quick recap of the season goes like this, I started the Open in poor “crossfit” condition.  I had done my first Ultra, my 2nd marathon, but little crossfit training.  And it showed!  My Open placement of 101 or 102, can’t remember, is not very indicative of the athlete I am right now.  I kept telling myself, just make it in the top 60 (for ego reasons more then anything) and then step it up for the Regional with my RedBlack mates.  Well, that didn’t quite workout.. my fist wod put me in 250+ spot of the bat and it was an up hill battle the next 6 weeks.  Which now that I think about it, it looks an awful lot like our Regional!  We started off 21 after the first workout (3rd-21st place was a difference of less then 50 seconds).  Then our 2nd wod dropped us even father back (26th).  Saturday, was a different story… 2 top 4 finishes jumped us up 14 spots, but it just wasn’t enough to get in the top 10 for Sunday… which if we would have made it in, we would have been one of the few teams to finish the Amanda wod, and our chipper wod is solid (practice run a few weeks back 16min flat..smoke)  but that is neither here nor there…. bitter sweet.  But as a veteran in the crossfit game I don’t get devastated in defeat, I get fired up!  I feed off failure, because I have the mindset of “I’ll show you what I am made of!”  and my mates albeit younger then I by just a few years ; ) have that attitude as well…  Perfect example, Saturday morning instead of checking the board for our heats I just assumed we were still in the 3rd heat WRONG!  we had been moved to the 1st heat because of our poor performance on Friday.  So now we are looking at having to go and do a wod in 10 minutes instead of the allotted 60minutes I assumed we had to warm up.  Now here comes the #WINNING part, no warmup, only time to find our judge, get our numbers marked on us, (I did have my name announced over the PA to make it the judges table which shows you how close we were cutting it) to walking out to the court to do our word:  9:28 seconds later we are done, 4th fastest time of the day, now that my friend is winning!  That set the table for wod2, which we had the 4th fastest time of the day as well…  So the waiting game to see if we did enough to squeeze into the final day was short thank god, and as you know, it just wasn’t meant to be… our hole was too deep to climb out  TO cut this short, I just wanted add one more time how proud I am of my mates, and I look forward to future competitions with them, we will be a force to be reckoned with, I PROMISE!

What are your thoughts on this video, to me it’s a reminder of how valuable every moment of life is…..

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25 Apr

: something given or meriting attention before competing alternatives

No need for a long wordy ass post where 90% of what is written is really not necessary I will keep this post short and sweet.  Carl, you kicked some serious ass in the Crossfit Open while you were competing.  You got your name out there as an athlete to be reckoned with…  you got people talking.  The trilogy of life, mind-body-soul… if just one is out of wack the rest will follow, right?!  I am glad you are taking that to heart Carl, and in the long run it will make you a better person.  The Open is not going anywhere, so when you are ready to jump back in the mix…. it will be just another easy day at the office.  Much love and Respect to you brotha’…. and to borrow some of your words,…Just keep livin.