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2 Feb

I have many

….what are my GOATS in Crossfit?!

  1. Heavy Jerk… hell jerk in general!

  2. Heavy Snatch

  3. Heavy Back Squat

  4. Heavy Dead Lift

  5. Pistols are poor, I can do them but they are slowwwww.

  6. Strict HSPU/ Ring HSPU

  7. Prowler pushes

  8. oh and the biggest one, flexibility!!

this is just to name a few, I know it all begins with my flexibility.  I have never taken the time stretch…. until now.  I’m no yogi, but I am taking the time before workouts after workouts, on days I am not working out to mobilize for a bit.  So next time you see me ask me how my GOATS are!

2008 Games getting my ass handed to me on the last wod….

I look at this pic often to gain motivation.  I do not like to DNF in anything.  When this workout popped up, I had never attempted to put 155# over my head, and to top it off I had to do it 30x w/ a 15min cap!!  I ended up with 28 reps, with 4 no reps (no lockout)…. I was crushed!  This workout left such a sour taste in my mouth that I redid it 6weeks after the games and finished it under 8minutes (roughly 5minutes now)… Was once a GOAT is no longer, time to kill the rest of the GOATS!

Reebok Crossfit Games 2011

11 Aug

and just like that the games have come and gone….  The wife placed 28th.  Not the placement I’m sure she was expecting, especially not the placement I was expecting.   I really don’t have a lot to say other then that if you are a Games athlete and you expect to compete at the highest level YOU BETTER NOT have any weaknesses!  You will be exposed, period.   Carey will be back I promise,  28th place finish is not acceptable in her book.  I want to thank everyone that helped Carey this past crossfit season! … 2012 crossfit season has already begun


Almost time for CALI!

20 Jul

5 days from now, the wifey and I will boarding a plane and heading off to Cali…  This year the Crossfit Games have taken themselves to a whole new level… athletes must be in Cali by Tuesday for check in, media interviews, fitting of Reeebok gear, and so on!  Keep in mind the Games are not until Friday, but trust me when I say that I am not bitching about having to be in Cali an extra 3 days!  Cali is like a second home to me, when I am there it just feels right… 

I know I have said many times before but I will say it 100 more times… I am extremely proud of what my wife has accomplished this year in the Open and The Regional competitions this year.  Finishing the Open 11th in the world and then finishing 1st in the Regional with probably the most demanding and grueling conditions is a huge accomplishment.  But besides kicking ass, she a part of a multi-million dollar Crossfit business!  Busting ass at that and putting in 12-14hour days.  Plus being a mother of 2 small children who demand her attention when she is home and what do you have…. Superwoman, or what I like to call her The PeoplesChampion!  I can’t wait to watch her compete on the biggest stage again, and this time Crossfit Central will be rolling 50+ deep with her parents in tow this time…. the Games are going to be SPECIAL!

thank you to our good friends Kelly and Colleen Brown for helping us out this year….  the caretakers of our beautiful offspring while mommy goes for gold!

cause when the games are over it’s time to party AfterGlow style!!!

love this song!!

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Live Laugh Love

8 Jul

this is how we should live…. yet I don’t know that many people that actually do.  I understand that their is a time and place to be “serious”, but hell, you should have very few of those moments… and what is being “serious” even look like?!  I have my moments where I get caught up in all the garbage that doesn’t make me who I am….  SO I take a step back and laugh(sometimes yell) and get back to having fun…  But Do you know who is the one that reminds me the most to chill because that is suppose to be my reputation.. the chill one…


In the love of sports I truly wish the ones who deserved the media actually got the attention they deserved…  who knows your Sport might be bigger because of it!

I love you babe.. nothing means more to me then you regardless of my actions…

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Peoples Champion

30 Jun

Peoples Champion

I coined (borrowed) that phrase for Carey awhile back for one reason only…. through thick and thin, people love to watch her compete.  They almost expect her to kill it every time she steps out in the “arena”.  That is a lot of pressure to have on your shoulders, but through it all the Peoples Champion has almost always risen to the occasion… Even when she doesn’t come in first, she still does better then most athletes could hope for!  The great thing about this year that most people don’t realize is that Carey is healthy, she won’t admit it, but last year she had more nicks and injuries then she would talk about!  And since I know her better then most, I could see during the Crossfit games last year that wasn’t Carey out there.. it was an athlete trying to hold it together as best as she could even th0ugh her body had  stopped working!  And she still  made it to the last day of the games and finished 16th in THE WORLD! 

July 29th-31 2011 Crossfit Games will be in full effect, and Carey Kepler aka The Peoples Champion will be ready to finally show the world what she is really made of!   So buy a camera, extra memory card, some snacks, a few frosty beverages because you are going to be a part of the EXPERIENCE!  if you watching at home record that shit!  peace

BAM goes the RAM!

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Decide or Choose?

9 Mar

This is how I Roll!

One of the most prominent things I have learned in the past 6 months is that you NEVER DECIDE to do anything…  their is NO POWER in DECIDING to do something.  The latin root of decide is CAEDO, CAEDERE, CECIDI, CAESUM to cut, to cut down; to kill! Doesn’t sound very positive to me!  If you are familiar with the NBA, you are aware of The Decision by Lebron James.  Not too say the Miami Heat haven’t been successful, because they have.  But when it matters against the best of the best, they are 1-10…. that is pathetic.  And everyone is bagging on LBJ.  So back to why I bring up Decide or Choose in my case.  I decided not to compete/tryout on Crossfit Centrals affiliate team last year, and I was never 100% settled with that decision…  especially once I got out to Cali and the competitive juices started to flow.  This year is different, I have already made a choice to compete for the Red and Black Gym. This does not guarantee that I go to Cali as an athlete, … but this does guarantee that I made a choice and whatever happens, happens and I will be fine with it.

As I watch the sun come up, I will leave you with this… we all have Tiger Blood running through our veins, just stop and feel it…  feels good!  Keep Winning, Peace.

Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.
Viktor E. Frankl

The Future is Now

23 Jul

This is a continuation of my view on the Games and it’s future as well as humanity’s future.  Have you ever read the Celestine Prophecy?  If you have, have you read the 10th and 11th insights?  I highly recommend you reading them if you haven’t.  Basically the Insights go as follow:


A new spiritual awakening is occurring in human culture, an awakening brought about by a critical mass of individuals who experience their lives as a spiritual unfolding, a journey in which we are led forward by mysterious coincidences.


This awakening represents the creation of a new, more complete worldview, which replaces a five-hundred-year-old preoccupation with secular survival and comfort. While this technological preoccupation was an important step, our awakening to life’s coincidences is opening us up to the real purpose of human life on this planet, and the real nature of our universe.


We now experience that we live not in a material universe, but in a universe of dynamic energy. Everything extant is a field of sacred energy that we can sense and intuit. Moreover, we humans can project our energy by focusing our attention in the desired direction…where attention goes, energy flows…influencing other energy systems and increasing the pace of coincidences in our lives.


Too often humans cut themselves off from the greater source of this energy and so feel weak and insecure. To gain energy we tend to manipulate or force others to give us attention and thus energy. When we successfully dominate others in this way, we feel more powerful, but they are left weakened and often fight back. Competition for scarce, human energy is the cause of all conflict between people.


Insecurity and violence ends when we experience an inner connection with divine energy within, a connection described by mystics of all traditions. A sense of lightness–buoyancy–along with the constant sensation of love are measures of this connection. If these measures are present, the connection is real. If not, it is only pretended.


The more we stay connected, the more we are acutely aware of those times when we lose connection, usually when we are under stress. In these times, we can see our own particular way of stealing energy from others. Once our manipulations are brought to personal awareness, our connection becomes more constant and we can discover our own growth path in life, and our spiritual mission–the personal way we can contribute to the world.


Knowing our personal mission further enhances the flow of mysterious coincidences as we are guided toward our destinies. First we have a question; then dreams, daydreams, and intuitions lead us towards the answers, which usually are synchronistically provided by the wisdom of another human being.


We can increase the frequency of guiding coincidences by uplifting every person that comes into our lives. Care must be taken not to lose our inner connection in romantic relationships. Uplifting others is especially effective in groups where each member can feel energy of all the others. With children it is extremely important for their early security and growth. By seeing the beauty in every face, we lift others into their wisest self, and increase the chances of hearing a synchronistic message.


As we all evolve toward the best completion of our spiritual missions, the technological means of survival will be fully automated as humans focus instead on synchronistic growth. Such growth will move humans into higher energy states, ultimately transforming our bodies into spiritual form and uniting this dimension of existence with the after-life dimension, ending the cycle of birth and death.


The Tenth Insight is the realization that throughout history human beings have been unconsciously struggling to implement this lived spirituality on Earth. Each of us comes here on assignment, and as we pull this understanding into consciousness, we can remember a fuller birth vision of what we wanted to accomplish with our lives. Further we can remember a common world vision of how we will all work together to create a new spiritual culture. We know that our challenge is to hold this vision with intention and prayer everyday.


The Eleventh Insight is the precise method through which we hold the vision. For centuries, religious scriptures, poems, and philosophies have pointed to a latent power of mind within all of us that mysteriously helps to affect what occurs in the future. It has been called faith power, positive thinking, and the power of prayer. We are now taking this power seriously enough to bring a fuller knowledge of it into public awareness. We are finding that this prayer power is a field of intention, which moves out from us and can be extended and strengthened, especially when we connect with others in a common vision. This is the power through which we hold the vision of a spiritual world and build the energy in ourselves and in others to make this vision a reality.

The reason I bring this up is that for Crossfit to flourish we have to be positive and express our views positively.  Constructive criticism can always be expressed positively no matter how much you might disagree with someone (HQ).  As for people’s negative opinion of  Dave Castro, Tony Budding,  and even Coach Glassman, in the big picture they are trying their best.   When everyone starts to project positive energy toward a common goal, that being the growth of Crossfit as a sport, it will take off like no other sport have has EVER  ever grown…. (not to hate on you Nascar fans, I just don’t get watching a sport where all they do is drive in a circle, but that is just me)

As for athletes and their performances, I take responsibility in my wife failing to complete 2 workouts.  The first being the MU/ Snatch workout.. once I saw her start to fail reps my demeanor changed with hers and instead of staying positive I felt bad for her.  That doesn’t do her any good!  As for the HSPU/ Clean workout, same thing… once I saw her fail on first set of HSPU’s my demeanor changed real quick!  I know how HSPU’s are for her, she either has them or she doesn’t, and once she failed early on in the workout I again felt bad for her, and that does her NO GOOD!

Now for the positive effects of sending energy…take any of the UNreal performances you have ever seen live, remember what the crowd looked and sounded like?  Have you ever heard the phrase “he/she is feeding off the crowd”?  No doubt, all the energy that people were sending to Spealler in the last 3 wods, he ate it up, and it propelled him up 3 spots ON TO THE PODIUM!  Yes the workouts were made for Spealler but to watch him in person do what he did, their is no doubt in my mind the energy from the crowd gave him the extra push he needed.

Now for Humanity, if you haven’t noticed life goes quick!  It has already been 5 days since the conclusion of the Games.  So my challenge to myself and whoever is willing to take it is print these insights out and follow them as best as you can….. let’s see what happens!

Have A Great Weekend!