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14 Dec

beast mode!

This past weekend up in Dallas Texas, Crossfit Dallas Central hosted the 2nd Annual All Cities Open.  A one day event packed with 4 workouts as well as a “Fran Off”.  I was just a spectator for this… this time!  It has been 6 weeks since my run and I have started to amp up the intensity of my workouts, because a little birdie told me something is coming up in February!  Back to the ACO, I want to acknowledge all the competitors who competed, especially the crew from Crossfit Central and Crossfit Point Break…  Big Mike, mad potential son!!  The one I am proud of most is my wife….. you brought the fun back to working out, and look what happens when you do!  A 2:59 Fran time, and 3rd place overall!!!  Your untouchable when you are having fun, remember that!

Workout Recap:  In the last few weeks I have been taking main site wods and modifying them, all in all I feel good about my progress.  I hit a pr the other day on Snatch 150#, which is a full snatch.  And considering I haven’t attempted that weight in 4 months I am pleased.  I did 165# at Regionals this year, but it was more of a power/ muscle press.. very ugly but hell it counted.  MY 150# would have counted as a legit lift in an OLY comp., no press out.  Word SON!!! Just thinking about competing again gets me lit!  Stay tuned

A theme song for many….