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The Opera is Alive and Well

7 Mar

Thanks to an inquiry from Brent Currie out of Hill County Crossfit, I am reaching out to all of you that stop by the site and might have questions but hesitate to leave a comment…  I’m guilty of going to numerous blogs and not commenting when I probably should.  And considering I am averaging 130+ views a day again something is attracting you guys here.  Tell me what it is you are looking for, and we can find it together.  Thanks again Brent, the Revolution is alive and well!!  Winning!

Every generation needs a new revolution.Thomas Jefferson

I Don’t Have Burnout in My Gear Box

3 Mar

the Crossfit Sectional’s are almost here, are you READY?!

A quick update on my training, one word for you: BiWinning!  hellsyeah!  for real though, training is getting better by the day…  multiple no false grip muscle ups, hspu’s, strict ring dips for days, marathons, butterfly pull ups..  feeling great!  My Cup is runneth over with TIGER BLOOD!

I’m Rolling Out Magic, Bro!

2 Mar

“I’m alive. Bring it.”