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Why DO It?

9 Oct

The individual with the top time will get to pick an item from the MOFIT  store (a new business venture with a few friends of mine) within a certain dollar amount which is yet to be determined.   New items will be added to the store throughout the year, plus I’ll reach out to the community and see who else wants to partake in the fun (and when I mean partake= donate).   The incentive program doesn’t take into effect right away.. please spread the word and once we have 20+ people giving this a go I will implement it.  This also gives me time to come up with other incentives to attempt the workouts… because I promise you this, if the workout doesn’t exceed a minimum 15minute time domain it’s not allowed in the pool.  So send me some gnarly shit like I said in my previous post.  Word.


8 Oct

Damn… it’s been awhile!  Guys the Shack is back!  Stay tuned for a new, more interactive site for like minded cats to come to.  Stay tuned for more details… but if you are ready to play, send me the gnarliest workout you think is out there, or one that you have done!  I’ll explain later! 

Legend in The Making

12 Apr

well it’s that time of year again…. the time of year when I realize my babies are not going to stay babies forever.  My main homeboy, the manchild, the myth, the legend in the making turns the BIG 4 today!  My wife is my soul mate, may daughter is my soul, but  my son is my homeboy.  the one  you will go to the mat for, even when they are doing wrong you still have their back.  like my boy Lance Cantu likes to say “I got yo Six”:  which means I will always have his back no matter what.   Stone is creating his Personal Legend (reference to The Alchemist) right now, and can’t express how excited it makes me to see him grow….. “So be sure when you step, Step with care and great tact. And remember that life’s A Great Balancing Act. And will you succeed? Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and ¾ percent guaranteed) Kid, you’ll move mountains.”  ― Dr. Seuss,


27 Mar


The Crossfit Open Season 12.1-5  is over….  The Crossfit Central team finished 2nd in the South Central Region, missing out on first by 4 pts.  An outstanding finish considering that 5 of the 6 top finishers out of Central will be taking on the Regional as part of the team.  Granted the Regional will be nothing like the Open, but I like Central’s chance of getting back to Games where they belong.  As for me, I didn’t finish where I liked nor did I do as well as I would hope… but I can say that I took my training serious for the first time.  I do know that I could have done more as well, which makes me look at 2013 with optimism.  I will take my training one day at a time… because 2013 will be here before you know it.


The Sweet Spot

28 Feb

The Sweet Spot between Doing and Being

–by Viral Mehta, Original Story, Feb 28, 2012

It is a simple yet profound metaphor that a childhood mentor of my mom’s shared with her decades ago: “When one foot walks, the other rests.” It’s the way all of nature works, a beautiful reminder that everything is in ebb and flow, engaged in cycles and rhythms.

Our own bodies follow natural patterns, recuperating every night and preparing for the next day’s activity. With music as well, the structure imposed by notes inherently depends on the unstructured space supporting it. The notes and the space between them come together to create music.

As a culture, though, we give more importance to creating notes and relatively little to the space between them. Between creation and being, the emphasis is on creation. Interestingly, the musician John Cage felt that his most important piece was “4’33”,” in which a musician plays no notes at all, bringing to focus natural, environmental sounds. His point was that, “There is no such thing as an empty space or an empty time. There is always something to see, something to hear.”

Of course, our societal bias is understandable. Creation usually manifests in an externally measurable way, making it a convenient basis for interpersonal organizing — for communication, comparison and differentiation. The downside, though, is that we start losing subtle value. Even a creative paragon of our times, Albert Einstein, reminds us of the limitation of this approach. “Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted.”

Our rational minds want to ensure progress, but our intuitive minds need space for the emergent, unknown and unplanned to arise. Within the existing paradigm, the external comes first, the internal takes a backseat, and in deference to measurability, we become more tuned in to doing than to being.

The problem isn’t in the doing per se, but rather in the nature of the doing. When we aren’t aware internally, we get so vested in our plans and actions, that we don’t notice the buildup of mental residue. So the momentum of “forward-thinking doing” continues in the mind. In that kind of state, even nature’s imposed breaks aren’t restful: we have trouble falling asleep, or even resting soundly. The mind just doesn’t relax.

The secret to more balance lies in how we frame our efforts. A reporter once asked Mahatma Gandhi, “Mr. Gandhi, you’ve been working fifteen hours a day for fifty years. Don’t you ever feel like taking a few weeks off and going for a vacation?” Gandhi laughed and said, “Why? I am always on vacation.” He was unconflicted, doing exactly what he wanted to do, without creating stress in his mind. Gandhian scholar Eknath Easwaran’s explanation for it: “Because he had no personal irons in the fire, no selfish concerns involved in his work, there was no conflict in his mind to drain his energy.”

Of course, few people can authentically say that they are doing everything exactly the way they want. But it’s a progression. And while we can’t flip the pattern of subtle inner conflicts right away, we can chip away at them little by little. As we strengthen our ability to observe what’s happening within, we recognize areas of internal misalignment.

Just the recognition itself is powerful. Subtly, a virtuous cycle ripples through: our awareness gives us choices, and our choices increase our awareness. It’s a process of constant refinement, but even deeply ingrained habits do begin dissolving, with the most entrenched and unconscious habit of all being that of self-orientation.

When our sense of purpose stops being driven by pure self-interest, it changes how vested we are in the outcomes of our actions. Gandhi had tremendous passion for what he saw to be his work, but he was also rooted in humility, knowing that the result of all of his labor wasn’t in his complete control.

If anything, that only inspired him to work harder, and paradoxically, it also freed his mind up in powerful ways. At the height of India’s struggle for independence, Gandhi was known to be toiling away harder than ever — 21 hrs a day, for over two years. And yet, five minutes from addressing the nation, when someone asked him what he was going to say, his response was, “I don’t know. I’m not there yet.”

Though that kind of intense presence is exceptional, it’s not an “either you have it or you don’t” switch — it’s a spectrum. On the journey of imbuing more being in all of our doing, every conscious step in favor of inner awareness, every moment in which I exercise that option, pays off. The example of one foot resting while the other walks, points out a powerful lesson: If we drill down far enough, we can see that there is an inherent balance between rejuvenation and invigoration, engagement and observation, and being and doing.

The sweet spot is actually in the middle. We benefit greatly from a balance between structure and space, between action and rest, between consciously shaping and being receptive. We can fully immerse ourselves with a sense of purpose, while still being humble, affording a freedom from the stress of trying to control inherently emergent outcomes.

By practicing being present, we start to hit the sweet spot and life becomes art. Not just in how it manifests. Our truest artistry lies in how we construct our own lives, and attention and intention are the clay with which we mold our days. In Gandhi’s own words, “As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world as in being able to remake ourselves.”


this article came at the perfect time for me.


16 Feb

…….this is mine!


you probably wondering what the hell is he talking about now… let me explain real quick like.  anything in your past that produced a result you didn’t like or a situation you put yourself in that wasn’t positive, make it so VIVID in you mind, produce the feelings you produced when the event happened AND THEN ANCHOR THAT BITCH, that way you don’t let it happen again!   If you anchor that event accordingly, the next time you are in a position to mess up or whatever it may be you will mentally find that ANCHOR, and if it is been anchored enough you will know better then to fuck up again.  Not all anchors have to be from a “bad/ life or death situation”.  One of mine is dealing with General Contractors (builders, landscapers, etc…).  I used to be in the business and it really ate at me.  I am a certain way when it comes to building, landscaping, being on time for meetings, following through… and most contractors don’t operate like me.  Not to get into the details but I am dealing with a complete moron right now for a buddy of mine, and that anchor I set 3 yrs ago took a minute to surface up but now it has  and now that moron is off the job before it even started!  

A quick Crossfit update:  The Open is a week away, training has never been better!  I did have a hiccup yesterday during a  workout and during it I got somewhat down on myself… but a few hours later, after my jets cooled and I was able to reflect on the workout It was as bad as I made out to be.  It also showed me some kinks in my armor so to speak.  Just the other day I weighed myself, 195#(10#s heavier then last yr at this time) and 5.8%bf!!  pretty stoked about those “personal numbers”, but those don’t equate it Crossfit numbers!  Now that I’m heavier, body weight movements have suffered a bit, which became evident in my wod yesterday…


600m Run, 5-185# squat cleans, 5 muscle ups with 2 additional dips at the top….

I was cruising through this wod until the last rd, last f’ng dip!  On my 5th muscle up, I would get the mu plus the first dip but I would fail on getting a lockout on the 2nd dip.  I failed the 2nd dip at least 5x, probably more (stopped counting)!!!  Finally 7minutes later I got it, workout over ….. pissed as hell.  But later in the day, as I reflected on the wod, I thought about the positives:  I didn’t fail on any of the muscles ups, plus all the extra dips I did will benefit me later, and besides it was just a training workout and not a competition. 

Anyhow, enough venting from me, happy training and if you are doing the Crossfit Open.. like my boy Lance Cantu likes to say PULL THE TRIGGER, it’s GO TIME!!


2 Feb

I have many

….what are my GOATS in Crossfit?!

  1. Heavy Jerk… hell jerk in general!

  2. Heavy Snatch

  3. Heavy Back Squat

  4. Heavy Dead Lift

  5. Pistols are poor, I can do them but they are slowwwww.

  6. Strict HSPU/ Ring HSPU

  7. Prowler pushes

  8. oh and the biggest one, flexibility!!

this is just to name a few, I know it all begins with my flexibility.  I have never taken the time stretch…. until now.  I’m no yogi, but I am taking the time before workouts after workouts, on days I am not working out to mobilize for a bit.  So next time you see me ask me how my GOATS are!

2008 Games getting my ass handed to me on the last wod….

I look at this pic often to gain motivation.  I do not like to DNF in anything.  When this workout popped up, I had never attempted to put 155# over my head, and to top it off I had to do it 30x w/ a 15min cap!!  I ended up with 28 reps, with 4 no reps (no lockout)…. I was crushed!  This workout left such a sour taste in my mouth that I redid it 6weeks after the games and finished it under 8minutes (roughly 5minutes now)… Was once a GOAT is no longer, time to kill the rest of the GOATS!