The Significance of 1.1.12

2 Jan

my heart.. SGK a few years back

….that date is just as important as 12.31.11, or 12.30.11, or 1.2.12… pick a date, it doesn’t matter.  Don’t get caught up in the hoopla of writing down New Years Resolutions and putting all that pressure on yourself to follow through on them, don’t do it.  You know what you should do???? Make every day count… do at least one thing a day that makes you a better person.  I’m not saying not to not have goals, by all means have them.. write them down, have them available to you everyday that you see them and you go out and attain them.  What I am telling you not to do is put all your eggs in one basket so to speak.  SCREW THE DATE 1.1.12, if you haven’t noticed that day has already passed, crazy shit huh?!  And before you know it, the date 6.15.12 will be staring you right in the face and half the year will have passed and those New Years Resolutions will have whipped your ASS in the first month and you probably chose not to write down any new goals to go for after that. 

One bit of advice I want to pass on is to be GRATEFUL for what you have now, because whatever you choose to chase in 2012 will not fulfill you…. so take a minute and reflect on 2011, take the good with the bad, and now you are ready to crush 2012… I did this last night and it put the biggest smile on my face, and for the last 24 hours I have had this feeling of peace within me that money can’t buy!  So to all my friends out there, #Crush2012 with a smile on your face!


…my SOUL




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