28 Oct

.… as we approached the base of Powerline the first thing I see coming back at me was a runner and his support team who chose not to make the climb… they didn’t think that they had enough time to make it to then next cutoff so it wasn’t worth attempting!  They were ahead of me, and the guy sure looked in better shape/ condition then me and the way I felt!  But instead of taking it as a negative, I used that runners lost as my gain.. I wasn’t about to quit and was going to give it my all and let the chips lay where they fall so to speak.  Once we started the climb up Powerline not 2 words were spoken between Carlos and I.  I was so focused on moving up the steepest f’ng mountain that all I could think of was reach the top…reach the top.. reach the top, plus over and over in my head I repeated the mantra the race director said to us.. “Commit Not To Quit”!  And almost 3+ hours of climbing up the mountain where the elevation rose 2300ft, I stopped 1 time… for less the 5 seconds, and then off we went!  Once we reached the top of Powerline was honestly the first time I really felt confident in the fact I was going to finish Leadville… but I was far from the finish.. I still had roughly 20 miles to go, with one more check point to make.  

Coming down Powerline was a lot more painful then I wanted it to be and it was slow going because what goes up must come down… elevation dropped 1800 ft in less then 8 miles.  Because of this my time that I had gained back on the back 50 was slowly getting ate back up.  I could tell Carlos was getting antsy and was trying to push the pace, but I could only move so fast.  All the people I had past going up were starting to catch back up to me.. every once in awhile I would turn around and I could see a trail of light coming down the hill.  This did make me move a little faster but only for a bit.  Finally we reached the bottom of Powerline and had to make our way through the woods to our last checkpoint.  All was good until Carlos asked a crew running with us, what the next checkpoint cutoff time was.. (back and forth between Los and the other guy) “Dude, its at 6am”… “OH SHiT!, “that’s in 15minutes!” “how much father?!” “a little over a mile!”  Carlos turns around and looks at me with the biggest eyes “Kris WE HAVE TO RUN, YOU HAVE TO RUN… OR WE WON’T MAKE IT!!”  Without hesitation, I put my head down and took off… the most pain I have ever felt in my life (other then passing multiple kidney stones…)  We bounce out of the woods and hit the pavement, less then half a mile to go and we are moving.. “Kris.. we have 10 minutes, keep it up!!”  We come blazing into the checkpoint with 7 minutes to spare again!!  We were so short on time that my support team was yelling for us to stop but I couldn’t, I had to make the cutoff.  We get into the aid station and start refueling and just for shits and giggles I ask one of the volunteers what time we did we need to have  had to make to avoid the cutoff… “oh son..your good, you made it with 37 minutes to spare”  Are YOU F’NG kidding me!  As mad as I wanted to get, I knew it was for the best… I had just added time to my last leg that I would need.. trust me! 

..to be continued


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