19 Oct

… 7 minutes to spare, Thank GOD!  I’m not sure how I would of reacted if I missed the cutoff by a few minutes!  So anyhow, I made it.. took a few minutes at this rest stop to refuel, change my shoes and sock because they were soaked!  This is when I got to see my toes for the first time, and WOW, they looked like shit!  8 0f the 10 toes were black… plus I could see where blisters were starting to form on both feet.  So at this point I had covered 61 miles in 17hrs 30minutes… crazy to think that the pro that won the event had finished almost an hour before I made this checkpoint, and I still had 39miles to go! 

Now it was time for Carlos to pace me the rest of the way.. at this point I was doing little running. mostly walking now… which wasn’t that big of a deal because it was time to climb again.  Carlos style of pacing was the complete opposite of the style Kristen used.. there was no talking, we actually didn’t even stay together.  Carlos always kept at least a good 10 feet ahead of me unless he was giving me food.  At first I was unsure if I liked it or not, but I kept it to myself… what I did notice though was that it made me move faster then I wanted to!  We were passing people left and right and I was starting to make up some time and by the time we made it to the next checkpoint I had recovered over an hour of my time I lost!  I was moving much better to the point I completely tried to bypass the checkpoint!  The Dymmels and Carlos, started yelling at me to come back and refuel… this is where Carlos was taking little white potatoes covered in salt, shoving them in my mouth!  Quite disgusting but so necessary!!   At this point my left leg was hurting at its worst though… the crew ran tape around my knee and shin to relieve some of the pain, but to be honest with you it didn’t do shit for it! 

In between the mini checkpoint at mile 69 to the next checkpoint which was 7miles away was the biggest mental challenge I experienced!!  The entire 7miles I battled my mind, quit…go on… quit go on…. make it this next aid station and call it a day…. go on!! …. a minute later, quit!   It was ridiculous, the battle I was dealing with, but the entire time I never verbally said any of it!  Carlos had no idea what the hell I was dealing with.. he kept his distance and I continued to chase him!  We finally make it to 76.5 mile checkpoint… and I got a new sense of purpose, I saw my support team who were still there for me at 2am, No WAY IN HELL I was quitting now!  I refueled and off we went, time to climb PowerLine….the soul crusher for  most!

this pic doesn’t serve it justice, this climb is straight up for what seems like forever, plus at the time, it was 2Am… PITCH BLACK!

… to be continued


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