14 Sep

Rocky Hill Ranch: the training grounds

“We can’t all be heroes because someone has to sit on the curb and clap as they go by.” – Will Rogers

“It’s very hard in the beginning to understand that the whole idea is not to beat the other runners. Eventually you learn that the competition is against the little voice inside you that wants you to quit.” – George Sheehan


is about to get REAL REAL!  During the Triple Murph the almighty sent me an Angel by the name of Carlos Ibarra, gym owner of Crossfit Houston.  Carlos had been following my blog for sometime and I had no idea… Carlos came up to me wide eyed and willing to be apart of the 6Soles quest to take on Leadville!  Anything from training us, to even making the trip to Colorado to pace us!  Are  you kidding me, I couldn’t believe what I was hearing!  So for the next 2 months Carlos would drive up from Houston and meet us in Smithville to run the RockyHillRanch 10mile loop…  The first time we ran that trail, Carlos ran me into the ground… it was the hardest trail I had ever run, but according to Carlos it had a lot of similarities to Leadville, plus we ran like a 9minute pace which was roughly 6 minutes faster then my projected goal I would run Leadville with.  The following weekend I planned on running better then the week before…. and I did, I knocked off 20+ minutes on the same course:  very pleased!!  Plus I think it made Carlos a believer in me.  By the way, Carlos had paced 2 other runners for Leadville and was a finisher himself 3 years ago… so whatever he told me to do, I DID!  We would run Smithville a total of 5 or 6 times, can’t remember, but every time we ran I was getting stronger, plus I had started to shed some weight that I had put on for Regionals, roughly 10lbs… so now I was running at 180#s… I had always believed I could do Leadville, but just having Carlos be a part of it made that belief even stronger..

Then it was off to Cali for the Crossfit Games, 7 days of fun in the sun and NO training and low and behold I put the 10#s of weight I had dropped right back on!  When we got back from Cali, I had 3 weeks until Leadville, which in my mind was plenty of time to cleanup the “diet” and pickup where I left off in training…  I hit up Smithville with Carlos 2x and then the week before Leadville I racked up the most mileage I would run for a week… 3- 7mile runs around town lake.  That’s right, 21 miles was the most I ran in a week, with usually the average never exceeding 10miles for the week.    Those last 3 trail runs on flat surface were very beneficial because it allowed me to really just open up and run plus I ran by myself, which when you do Leadville you do a lot of running by  yourself…  So now you have an idea of what I did for training leading up to Leadville:  in the big scheme of things very little.


Finally the week of Leadville is here, and I couldn’t not think about it….  I had done a really good job of keeping it in the back of my mind and not really stressing about it.  But now anytime I saw someone they would ask about it… “are you ready?” ” how do you feel?”  “are you excited?”  and so on…  So I started prepping my mind for it a “little”.  The only videos I would watch were of people actually crossing through the finish line, that was it!  So I had a good idea what it looked like, which would come in handy later…  I read a few blogs, but only of people who had done it and finished, some useful info and then some that I disregarded…. by Thursday, I had read and seen enough, now it was time to pack it up and board the plane… the Leadville Journey was about to get REAL REAL!

….to be continued.



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