1 Sep

“What kind of crazy nut would spend two or three hours a day just running?”
(This is how Steve Prefontaine reacted in Junior High when he saw the High School Cross country team running)

….Because of my silliness, the Town Lake 52miler set me back a month!  I couldn’t even attempt a box jump for 2 months… my deadlift PR went from 425#, back down to 385#… neurologically my system  was so f#cked that nothing was firing!  I really couldn’t jump higher then 12″!!   Very frustrating to say the least but you know what I still had the desire to do a 100mile run, but this time I would train accordingly for it!!  This is where the 6Soles idea was birthed!  What better way to train for something then having a purpose and some homeboys to train with!  Accountability!  So on a cool wet day in December of last year…  you remember when it was cool and wet right?!  The 6Soles had our first meeting.  Zach Hughes aka 2Socs, Elliot Schrock aka Thunderbeast, and me WindInHisHair, and my boy Stone laid it out there and committed to each other our plan to take on the Leadville100 the following August.  Below is our first workout as the 6Soles, it occurred on 1/20/11…. this was the first time I was really able to start running again since my Ultra in November….



3 Rounds @ 75#
– Power Snatch x10
– OHS x10
– Front Squat x10
– Back Squat x10
– Toe to Bar x10
– Burpees x10

ONE Thunderbird Loop Run (1.5miles)

3 Rounds @ 75#
– Burpees x 5
– Toe to Bar x 5
– Back Squat x 5
– Front Squat x 5
– OHS x 5
– Power Snatch x 5

ROW 10 minutes

hahaha 1.5 miles was all I ran, I did row for 10 minutes…. which has to count for something right?!  Up next the Austin Marathon… to do or not to do?!  To be continued……

The only tactics I admire are do-or-die
-Herb Elliott


3 Responses to “Leadville”

  1. http://www.girlwalksintoabarbell.com September 1, 2011 at 8:31pm09 #

    Your vertical jump decreased to 12″? TWELVE INCHES?! I’m sorry but that’s just crazy. I take it you trained for the Town Lake with traditional LSD type training? The inaugural 6Soles WOD looks pretty cool, though.

  2. undergroundshack September 1, 2011 at 8:31pm09 #

    pretty ridiculous I know… Muscle memory was shot, neurologically nothing was firing! BUT and its a big but, once I started lifting heavy again (deads, back squat,..) I pr’d on my box jump 55″ (moving start) within 30 days of not being able to jump 12″. as for training for the Town Lake run I wouldn’t quite say it was traditional LSD training but close….

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