Almost time for CALI!

20 Jul

5 days from now, the wifey and I will boarding a plane and heading off to Cali…  This year the Crossfit Games have taken themselves to a whole new level… athletes must be in Cali by Tuesday for check in, media interviews, fitting of Reeebok gear, and so on!  Keep in mind the Games are not until Friday, but trust me when I say that I am not bitching about having to be in Cali an extra 3 days!  Cali is like a second home to me, when I am there it just feels right… 

I know I have said many times before but I will say it 100 more times… I am extremely proud of what my wife has accomplished this year in the Open and The Regional competitions this year.  Finishing the Open 11th in the world and then finishing 1st in the Regional with probably the most demanding and grueling conditions is a huge accomplishment.  But besides kicking ass, she a part of a multi-million dollar Crossfit business!  Busting ass at that and putting in 12-14hour days.  Plus being a mother of 2 small children who demand her attention when she is home and what do you have…. Superwoman, or what I like to call her The PeoplesChampion!  I can’t wait to watch her compete on the biggest stage again, and this time Crossfit Central will be rolling 50+ deep with her parents in tow this time…. the Games are going to be SPECIAL!

thank you to our good friends Kelly and Colleen Brown for helping us out this year….  the caretakers of our beautiful offspring while mommy goes for gold!

cause when the games are over it’s time to party AfterGlow style!!!

love this song!!

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