Live Laugh Love

8 Jul

this is how we should live…. yet I don’t know that many people that actually do.  I understand that their is a time and place to be “serious”, but hell, you should have very few of those moments… and what is being “serious” even look like?!  I have my moments where I get caught up in all the garbage that doesn’t make me who I am….  SO I take a step back and laugh(sometimes yell) and get back to having fun…  But Do you know who is the one that reminds me the most to chill because that is suppose to be my reputation.. the chill one…


In the love of sports I truly wish the ones who deserved the media actually got the attention they deserved…  who knows your Sport might be bigger because of it!

I love you babe.. nothing means more to me then you regardless of my actions…

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3 Responses to “Live Laugh Love”

  1. Jen Kaufman July 8, 2011 at 8:31am07 #

    Great words to remember…I am def having a day where I need to learn to CHILL! Glad your back at the blog, and we are pulling for your girl at the Games!

  2. LanceC July 8, 2011 at 8:31pm07 #

    I feel ya bro…great post!

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