Peoples Champion

30 Jun

Peoples Champion

I coined (borrowed) that phrase for Carey awhile back for one reason only…. through thick and thin, people love to watch her compete.  They almost expect her to kill it every time she steps out in the “arena”.  That is a lot of pressure to have on your shoulders, but through it all the Peoples Champion has almost always risen to the occasion… Even when she doesn’t come in first, she still does better then most athletes could hope for!  The great thing about this year that most people don’t realize is that Carey is healthy, she won’t admit it, but last year she had more nicks and injuries then she would talk about!  And since I know her better then most, I could see during the Crossfit games last year that wasn’t Carey out there.. it was an athlete trying to hold it together as best as she could even th0ugh her body had  stopped working!  And she still  made it to the last day of the games and finished 16th in THE WORLD! 

July 29th-31 2011 Crossfit Games will be in full effect, and Carey Kepler aka The Peoples Champion will be ready to finally show the world what she is really made of!   So buy a camera, extra memory card, some snacks, a few frosty beverages because you are going to be a part of the EXPERIENCE!  if you watching at home record that shit!  peace

BAM goes the RAM!

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