26 May

what does it mean to be GNASTY?!  it’s not what you might think, and if you are one of my close friends its really not what you think you dirty minded loony!  All I will say is that GNASTY goes right there with SICFIT when it comes to it’s meaning.  People ask all the time, “what is SICFIT?!”  and the answer is:   those who are, know it.  well those who are GNASTY know it.  I really can’t go into too much on this because there is a lot in the works but I will leave you with, by the time the Crossfit Games roll around there will be a whole lot of GNASTY happening!

All I’m trying to do is survive and make good out of the dirty, nasty, unbelievable lifestyle that they gave me.
Tupac Shakur

Stay tuned I will give an update on my training for South Central Regional in the next few days!

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