13 May

this is an old blog post from August of last year, a good reminder for myself and anyone else…..

“It’s The Principalities!”…… Big Worm

the Underground Shack always has and always will be about Synergy… The Underground Shack does not have an address, it does have a FOUNDATION though… Like the old movie quote from Friday “It’s the Principalities”… Big Worm.  So come one, Come all… those of you that fall into the Synergistic realm of the Underground Shack will be accepted, those of you that don’t will be rejected…until your ready.  Because when it all boils down to the nitty gritty, we all were born to serve a purpose, it just takes some longer then others to figure it out.  Peace

this song by B. o. B is very reflective of my past, which thank God is in the past….

Fast forward to may 2011

Time to catch you guys up on what the UndergroundShack has been up to for the last few months…..  The Crossfit Open has wrapped up, I finished 104 out 900+ South Central Athletes.  Not great and definitely not what I was shooting for.. top 60 was my goal even though I was going as team the whole time, but as an athlete/ ego I would have loved to qualified as an individual.  The great thing is that I improved every week of the Open as did my teammates on the RedBlack Gym.  So going into the Open we have a great chance of moving on to Cali which has always been the ultimate goal.  As for my training overall…  hitting prs left and right…  hit a front squat pr of 280#, snatch balance of 190#, 405#deadlift x 2(tap and bounce!)165# snatch..almost have 175 (real f’ng close!)  ran a marathon in Feb with ZERO training in 4hr 25min…. I will leave you with those, with plenty more to come.  I did just get back from Cali, where Brian and Jill Baker of CrossfitFly put us up for 10 days…..  amazing trip to say the least.  Some of the before mentioned pr’s were accomplished at their gym… you gotta love SoCal weather!  There you go, life is good the family is doing great, my killed the Open finishing 11th in the world, and 1st in our region, SGK starts K in the fall, Stone is Stone….  Peace and Love


One Response to “Principalities”

  1. robcrossfitter May 13, 2011 at 8:31pm05 #

    That is impressive Brother!

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