3 down 3 to GO….

11 Apr

Believe you can and you’re halfway there.

Theodore Roosevelt

and just like that the 2011 Crossfit Season Open is half way complete….  I am currently sitting 98 out of 653.  Not Great, but not bad.  I didn’t do myself any favors in the first workout and since then I have had to slowly claw my way back up to where I currently sit.  My ultimate goal from the beginning has always been to finish in the top 60, and with 3 wods to go I can smell it.  Not only am I trying to finish in the top 60 but I am also representing RedBlack Gym, we are currently sitting 2nd in the region, thanks mostly to the badass girls on our team….   but thanks to the way the Open is set up this year it has given me and the other top guys on our team time to get our shit together!  Unlike most of the teams out there, the guys on RedBlack are solely competing as team come Regional time, the only problem is that we sit in 2nd because of the bad ass girls who will be competing as individuals come Regional time.  We do have a few women who will not, and again, the Open season is allowing them time to get those skills that they lack…..  It has been an awesome experience, and we just started… stay tuned!

enjoy one of my favorites….



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