The Aftermath

21 Feb

…make that a large cup!

“Your training partner’s name is pain. You start out trying to ignore him. Can’t do it. You attempt to reason with him. No way. You try to strike a bargain. Hah. You plead. You say “Please stop, please go away. I promise never ever to do this again if you just leave me alone.” But he won’t. Pain only climbs off if you do. Then you’re beaten. “
– Scott Martin

Pain is inevitable.  Suffering is optional.


The above quotes basically sum up the Austin Marathon I completed yesterday.  For those of you who have never pushed through physical/ mental barriers YOU ARE NOT LIVING!  You are a shell of human being.  There is nothing better in life then seeing a wall and blowing that SHIT UP.  Because if you blow it up… it is no longer a wall, but if you avoid it, that wall ONLY GETS BIGGER!  I have said this before, but Nike has been spot on with at least one thing… JUST DO IT!




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