Training Days….

17 Nov

King Kong ain’t got shit on me!

the last couple of days I have been working on my snatch, jerk, thrusters, cleans all at 95-105#.  taking it slow and light, and really working on perfecting my form.  It’s funny, I actually stopped “crossfitting” 2 months before my Ultra.  All I did was focus on my running, which in hindsight wasn’t the best idea, but what can I say I’m hardheaded.  The beautiful thing was that I was able to complete the run on such little training that I’m super stoked about running a 100mile run in August, yes the Leadville 100… I have 2 buddies lined up right now to run with me, I won’t mention their names yet until I get a handshake that way i know they are serious about doing it (Don Ward, Julie Ward’s husband of Crossfit Central is in).  So if anyone is looking to test themselves in one of the most difficult ways possible, join the group.

Back to my training:  pushing your body to its utmost limit is very liberating as well a huge learning experience.  Pre TownLake52ish, my training was mediocre at best…  my lifts were sloppy, my composure was lacking, mentally I was all over the place.  All I wanted to do was get through a workout as fast as I could.  That way of training has changed!  Do it right, do it efficient, be with the discomfort..  I never really thought about  OPT’s quote “Get comfortable with uncomfortable” until I did my run… 9hrs and 45minutes of constant running will give you a lot of time to reflect on things, and I finally took the time to understand that quote.  It doesn’t mean don’t think about the pain, it means embrace the pain with a smile on your face and keep on pushing through.  While running, the words I said over and over were “I run for fun”, which kept a smile on my face.  Trust me my legs hurt like shit with about 10 miles left, but I was on cloud nine for going as far as I had because I never quit… by the way I still have a few aches 3 weeks later that keep reminding me what I was able to do (very satisfying)!   So as of yesterday, I have started to throw around some weight.  Acting as though I have never done crossfit.  Going over all the lifts, staying PRESENT through all the movements…  making sure I am doing it proper.  And believe it or not I am more excited about lifting then I have ever been.  I will start timing my workouts today, but I will NOT be COMPETING against it.  Just using it as a barometer in my training development.  I know I told the wife I was done with Crossfit Competitions, but knowing me….that’s just plain silly, I’m just getting started!

Game On suckas!

You in the Office Baby!


20min AMRAP

3 Snatch @75#

3 OHS @ 75#

3 Strict Pullups

3 Ring Pushups

100m jog

(I did 10 rds, plus 3 snatch, 3 OHS, # pull ups, 3 push ups/ keeping the running very light! )


2 Responses to “Training Days….”

  1. E November 22, 2010 at 8:31am11 #

    Consider this my handshake broskie! 😉

  2. Soul Searcher November 26, 2010 at 8:31am11 #

    Get after it son!!! Your a true beast in the sport of CrossFit. Let the fun begin!

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