And Then…

4 Nov

*A quick explanation of the videos, I am currently trying to convert the videos to a format wordpress will take… so bare with me. (some of you can watch them).

For those that can’t view the videos, basically I moved the start time all the way back to midnight only to move it one more time to 10pm because I was so ready to get the run going that waiting 2 more hours would have been pure misery!  Aaron Arehart was the first part of my support team to assist me in my journey.  Aaron was unaware that I had moved my start time to 10pm, no one other then my wife knew I did this which she thought I was bloody insane, but that’s a whole other blog topic.  My idea was to get down there and knock out 2 – 7 mile loops and have Aaron run with me on the last 7mile loop.  And my plan was pretty spot on…I only had Aaron wait on me for about 10minutes while I completed the 14mile (which was a pr for distance run consecutively) Total time covered at this point with rest 2hrs 15minutes.  As I was running back up to the truck in the shadows I knew Aaron was one of them but a second shadow had me guessing…… Tom Green, my man, a man I look up to was waiting there with a big smile on his face which was an outstanding site to see…  because at 12am believe it or not, leaves the Town Lake trail empty of any human presence.  Here was my only mistake, I probably killed about 25miutes talking/ eating/ some rolling out and because of this my body started screaming….mental note was taken, no longer then 10minutes rest from here on out!   My goal was to run all the 7mile loops and save the walk jogging for the later distances, but that wasn’t the case.  Because of that prolonged break after mile 14, my body started to hurt in places I had never felt before… and because of this I had to start relying on the walk jogging earlier then I wanted to but it was a blessing more then a curse…. because I truly believe it saved me in the long run.  To finish the last 7mile loop with more walking then I would have like still only took 1hr 20minutes (I’m not exactly sure how accurate I am on the time / I would need to ask Aaron again) I do know I was surprised at how fast we finished it considering all the walking I had to do….. Total Time: 3hrs 30minutes, 21miles covered. file:///Users/careykepler/Desktop/VID00019.MP4

….To be continued


One Response to “And Then…”

  1. Aaron November 5, 2010 at 8:31am11 #

    What Kris won’t mention is that the temps were in the low 40’s all night…

    One hour and twenty minutes on miles 14-21 is right.

    Congrats again bro!

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