Joy and Pain

5 Oct

A quick update on my training for the Cactus 50….  This past Saturday I ran the 7mile loop at Town lake with a 20# vest in 57minutes.  Felt great, took a few breaks, but didn’t stop.  My breaks consisted of me walking for 60-90 seconds.  Overall felt great considering that was the longest distance I have run with my vest on.  Sunday I ran the same loop without the vest this time….  Ouch!  I stayed up kind of late the night before, ran with different shoes, I didn’t rollout properly, what else?!?!?   time: 58minutes, rather pathetic, but considering the shape I was in going into the run I will take it.  You won’t always compete or train in tip top shape, so the desire and ability to push through the pain on Sunday will only help me come Race time.  So with 24 days til the big run I am feeling pretty good about it.  I know the focus is there, because the race has now crept into and is now consuming my dreams!  Which is a good thing, by race time I will have run the course multiple times in my head!  Nutrition has been on point for the most part as well.. I am weighing in at 183#’s right now which is about 7#’s lighter then normal, but not a big deal… I will put the weight back on after the race.  Peace and love

by the way, i haven’t done power cleans in over 3 months…  my PR is 240, today I hit that number 3x!  huge confidence builder considering I’m at my lightest weight in some time.


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