19 Aug

“It’s The Principalities!”…… Big Worm

the Underground Shack always has and always will be about Synergy… The Underground Shack does not have an address, it does have a FOUNDATION though… Like the old movie quote from Friday “It’s the Principalities“… Big Worm.  So come one, Come all… those of you that fall into the Synergistic realm of the Underground Shack will be accepted, those of you that don’t will be rejected…until your ready.  Because when it all boils down to the nitty gritty, we all were born to serve a purpose, it just takes some longer then others to figure it out.  Peace.


9 Rounds

3- Body Weight Bench press
5- Dead Lift 315# for me, you go as heavy as you can
7- GHD situps
1- 200m sprint

after the 3rd round is complete, you get 90 seconds rest

after the 6th round is complete, you get 90 seconds rest

the goal is to go full bore for the 3 rounds before your rest! everything should be unbroken!

this song by B. o. B is very reflective of my past, which thank God is in the past….


2 Responses to “SYNERGY”

  1. Tim Dymmel August 19, 2010 at 8:31am08 #


    I like your style and enjoy following your take on life and training. I like to say that my programming is Low Tech – High Concept. And you are definitely on a different level than most.

    Thanks for your insights.


    • undergroundshack August 19, 2010 at 8:31pm08 #

      Thank you for following the site! I really love the feel of your site… I could see myself running for hours through the trees! In this wild wide we call life, Don’t stop growing or evolving.


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