17 Aug


Raphael Ruiz, CSCS

Raphael Ruiz was raised in Texas where his family still resides.  He played football and ran track in H.S. and at Sam Houston State University.  It was there where he began his career with the initial development of the concepts and forward thinking principles for a comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to Strength & Conditioning (S&C); this program was titled Fitnecessity SP.  That was the precursor to the One Four Four One Training Systems.  Raphael relocated to Tampa in 1998 and began work as a Sports Performance Specialist at Harbor Island Athletic Club.  It was during this time that he branched out and worked with the S&C staffs of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Tampa Bay Devil Rays Minor League Program as well as the Director of Sports Performance at the Clearwater Tennis Academy.  Shortly thereafter, Raphael became the Director of S&C for the University of Tampa.  During that time, he also was as the Director of Sports Performance for the MLS Tampa Bay Mutiny.  In January 2005, the Sports Performance Clinic that Raphael developed was added as a division of the Musculoskeletal Institute [Established by Florida Orthopedic Institute].  In 2009 Raphael partnered with John Welbourn to create Crossfit Football.  He finished out his career at the University of Tampa in December 2009 and merged One Four Four One S&C with Khanomtom-Tampa Muay Thai.  With that move,  1441 S&C went full speed with its Tactical, Fire & Rescue S&C Program.  Raphael is driven to develop training systems that are centered on the practical application of highly effective, scientifically based, orthopaedically backed and performance driven.

Plain and simple, Raphael knows his stuff…. I won’t even get into all the Professional athletes he has trained that sought him out because of his training methods when he was still only in his mid 20’s!  Take the time to click on the link below his picture, and check out his website.  Also check out the dynamic warm-ups and stretches he has in a pdf, I’m still sore from these and it’s already been 2 days since Raphael and the CFFB crew was here!  Stay tuned, I will have a few more links in the next couple of days for you.  Peace.


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