16 Aug

This past weekend I attended the Crossfit Football Certification at Crossfit Central… one word for you, OUTSTANDING.  John Welbourn, Raphael Ruiz and the rest of the crew know their shit!  Even if you don’t follow the CFFB site, I highly recommend still attending one of their certs… Especially if you are training athletes from ANY sport, the knowledge you will learn will make you that much better of a trainer.  Things will look a little different on here when it comes to strength workouts as well as the way I program the daily workouts.  The strength portion will be exactly what you see on the CFFB site, reason being the science and years of perfecting that particular portion of the program shouldn’t be deviated.. so I will follow it to a “T’!  As for the daily workouts, I will still create my own, but adding what I learned this past weekend…. So for the remainder of the week do as much trigger point, stretching, active recovery, reading… anything that helps you improve your overall well-being!  i will start posting workouts later in the week (probably Wednesday), until then I will be posting some sites I highly recommend any athlete, coach, trainer, weekend warrior should follow.  Peace.


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