Finding Your Zone

5 Jul

Finding Your Zone: Ten Core Lessons for Achieving Peak Performance in Sports and Life by Michael Lardon, David Leadbetter (Foreword by)


The first research-based program to offer concise, clear ways to realize your best performance.

As a therapist, physician, and mental coach, Dr. Michael Lardon has dedicated his career to helping athletes understand and better achieve peak performance. In Finding Your Zone, he shares with readers what he’s discovered about reaching the state in which “thoughts and actions are occurring in complete synchronicity,” and how this state is accessible to all, not just the few.

In ten key lessons—illustrated by personal anecdotes from his clients—Lardon teaches readers how to access the zone not only in sports but in all aspects of their lives, by understanding how to:

• Transform desire into will
• Channel emotions to victory
• Trust instincts and keep it simple
• Conquer fear through acceptance
• Perform under pressure


Take an at least 1 hour to sit down and read a book that you have been meaning to get to…. The gym will always be there tomorrow.


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