If Your Not Growing Your Dying

21 Jun

The following article is from Wisdomtogo.com

One of the most commonly asked questions is “Why am I here?”  Everyone, at some point or other in his or her life wonders:  “What am I here to do? What is my purpose? What’s it all about?”  These questions tend to go unanswered, and often unexplored.  Perhaps we know at some level that once we know the answer it will challenge us to do something about it.  And that is true!  But those of us who ask in earnest and move on the answer are better served.  Truth is, the answers to these questions are not as remote and far removed as we might think.  They are all around us in every day life, in every encounter, experience, tragedy and triumph.  You are here to grow!

Growth is an imperative of life.  It is something we are required to do as a condition and benefit of being alive.  Everything grows and evolves towards a better form, expression, or level.

Grow?  How?  I’m already grown” you may say.  And yes, you’ve gone to school, worked and applied yourself at a job, perhaps raised children.  You may even believe that you have paid your dues, and wonder how can you grow beyond that.  Well, growth does not stop there and is not limited to meeting these kinds of responsibilities.

The imperative of life is to grow on several levels:  Physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual.  The physical tends to take care of itself.  It is subconscious and worked into your body. For example, your body changes every 8 years; the cells in your body at this very moment are reorganizing and adapting to your lifestyle, your habits, your emotions and intentions.   The emotional, intellectual and spiritual levels of growth occur on conscious levels.  The many experiences you have, your relationships, your profession, health and community are courses that provide you with the opportunity to grow emotionally, intellectually and spiritually.  This is something you are here to do in honor of the life you have.

Now you might ask:  “ How do I grow emotionally, intellectually or spiritually?”  Growth in these ways require tools. Awareness is a tool.  Intellectually, you grow by developing your capacity to make conscious choices and to take responsibility for those choices.  You develop your capacity to think for yourself, to make informed decisions.  You grow emotionally by opening your heart, and balancing your heart and mind.  You develop your capacity for compassion and humility – to love and be loved.  You grow emotionally by putting your ego into check, not being ruled by it in all matters.

You grow spiritually by getting into the awareness that you are a spiritual being having a human experience.  In this awareness you know that your life is governed by natural laws that are absolute, and you live your life in alignment with these laws.  The law of ‘cause and effect’ is one such law.  By growing spiritually you understand and conduct yourself with the awareness that you must be ever mindful of how you present yourself to the world and what you put into it, because it will be reflected back to you.

Your many relationships and situations experiences in life are designed by your higher self to help you to grow on these levels.  To what end?  When you are growing consciously, your quality of life is enriched.  You live with less fear and pain, and you experience more of the natural joy and magic that are inherent in life.  You are less reactive and more proactive in what happens to you.  And you are more prepared to meet the challenges that come your way.  Growing consciously is truly the way to glorify God, the Higher Power. Your best contribution to the human community is to grow yourself to be the best that you can be and to make the world a better place because you are here.

Conscious growth frees us from the ‘death trance’.  It can turn the worse public offender into a champion for human rights.  With the value of learning and growth firmly rooted into their lives that beautiful woman would come to know herself and get a natural high from the blessings in her life; that 60 year old man would learn from his failed marriage, make some personal adjustments, let go and move on; that 17 year old boy would reach into himself to learn self love and appreciate the gift of his life – he would learn to turn his anger into a creative force; and the church lady would learn to find joy and contentment in looking for good within herself and in others.

So now that the question is answered, what are you going to do?


Mid Hang Snatch Pull 3 x 3

Tall Muscle Snatch 3 x 3

Snatch Deadlift 3 x 3


Complete 3 rounds of:

3 Snatch Pulls

3 Power Snatches

3 Snatch Push Press

3 Overhead Squats

*Perform at 80% of 3 RM Power Snatch

this shiznit is tight!

Post Weight and Time to Comments


3 Responses to “If Your Not Growing Your Dying”

  1. undergroundshack June 22, 2010 at 8:31pm06 #

    Snatch Pull final set was 175#
    Tall Muscle Snatch final set was 95#
    Snatch Deadlift final set was 285#

    Metcon 2:20

    the did
    1200m Run
    30 dl @ 135
    15 burpees
    800m Run
    20 dl
    10 burpee
    400m Run
    10 dl
    5 burpee

    13 minute

  2. Ben Kaufman June 24, 2010 at 8:31am06 #

    Great post!! Just back from a vacation, and looking forward to hitting these again hard! thanks for sharing, man…

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