Lucky…or Opportunistic?

13 Jun

USA v England ended in a 1-1 draw.  Not a bad start for the U.S. considering they gave up a goal in the first 5 minutes.  When Steven Garrard of England scored on a beautiful 3 pass combo, for a second..and just for a second, I thought oh shit we are in trouble!  But the U.S. fought back and played ok in my eyes.  Tim Howard was phenomenal in goal… cutting angles on shots, and holding on to the ball that most goalkeepers are complaining about right now.  Because the U.S. didn’t crumble they were able to net a goal in the 40th minute off an outstanding individual effort by Clint Dempsey.  After getting the ball, Dempsey was able to twist and turn and out maneuver multiple English defenders before ripping a shot on goal….. that the goalie flat out mishandled, plain and simple.  But you know what?!  Put the ball on goal and it’s bound to go in…..JUST PUT IT ON GOAL!  So was it lucky that it rolled in…..Naaaahh, I say it was opportunistic.  Now the English goalie can chime in with the rest of the complainers and blame it on the ball…  While Clint Demspey can say he scored in the World Cup(again), a gift for his sister who is no longer with us…  Just Put it on goal!

Here is the goal…watch it while you can, I’m sure Youtube will remove it soon


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