27 May

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Say what you will about this man… for me, every time I look at this pic, it fires me up.  It was the background for my old blog for the last year and  I would check it daily, not to see if I had any comments, but to look at this pic and take in the power and intensity that it represents.  If looks could kill, this pic would leave NO survivors…  this is the LOOK I will take DURING my workouts this weekend, but before and after I will be all smiles like always!

“Let a man in a garret but burn with enough INTENSITY and he will set fire to the world” Antoine de Saint-Exupery
No workout is planned.  Will be on the road to Ft. Worth.  DO yourself a favor, if you haven’t had a massage in awhile treat yourself to one.  I have an hour and half set aside to see my therapist before I leave to have some fine tuning done to the body…  every little bit helps!  IF your looking for a therapist check mine out  Tami Danysh, the best in Austin

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